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Want to learn more about our church? Here are some general frequently asked questions to get you started.

No, we have members in dresses and ties along with jeans and t-shirts. However you feel most comfortable, we encourage you to come as you are.

Speak to the pastor.  He will work with you to set up a date for you to be welcomed into the membership during a Sunday morning service.  You will be asked to Follow God’s will for your life as best you can and to worship with this church family.

We use grape juice in our monthly communion service.

We are an Open and Affirming Church of the United Church of Christ.  In our effort to share the love of Christ with everyone, we follow his example and so are open to, and affirming of, all people, regardless of background, racial or gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other defining characteristic.  We are a non-creedal church; that means no one is required to state or adhere to any religious creed.  We are bound together by our shared experience of Divine Love and our affirmation of Jesus as the normative reflection of that Love.

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